Ashley & Brett's Kennett Square Wedding at The Stone Barn.

Our first fall wedding this season was Ashley & Brett's. It was held at The Stone Barn in Kennett Square, PA. Although the days before were slightly chaotic with rain storms and floods, the wedding day was nothing less than perfect!

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Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Here are some images from our recent trip to Puerto Viejo, on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. It was the last leg of our trip where we spent 6 days exploring the many beaches and trails into Manzanillo. This was our first time on this side of Costa Rica and it was worth the trip!

Hiking in the Rainforest along the coast.

Along the coast of Gandoco-Manzanilla Wildlife Refuge.

An evening lightning storm.

A female three-toed sloth we found climbing around outside of our hotel room.

Looking over the sea in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

Autumnal Equinox Pictures: Rituals of Fire and Light

Happy Fall!  When we got back from our 5 year anniversary trip we found this posted on National Geographic Daily News.

The photo was originally taken by Carver on our honeymoon when we visited the Chichen Itza Archaeological Park for the Autumn Equinox.

El Castillo, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

Here is the blurb:

Slithering Into Fall

Photograph by Carver Mostardi, Alamy

Crowds gather around El Castillo at Mexico's ancient Maya city of Chichen Itza on the autumnal equinox of 2005.

Hitting the pyramid at just the right angle, sunlight casts an undulating shadow on the side of a staircase each equinox. When the shadow aligns with a monumental stone head at El Castillo's base, a titanic, glowing serpent is born.

See the full article on National Geographic : Autumnal Equinox Pictures: Rituals of Fire and Light.

Volcán Arenal

We're back from our anniversary trip to Costa Rica! The picture below is from Volcán Arenal - which is an active volcano in the district of La Fortuna. We took an early morning trip to catch the sunrise before the clouds rolled in to cover everything up. Plenty more pictures & adventures to come!