Earlier this year we had the pleasure of taking a few road trips across the country. One of the places we love the most is Joshua Tree National Park in California. We ended up camping there twice in the same campground, Jumbo Rocks. Our site was surrounded by large monzogranite rocks and of course, Joshua Trees. At the beginning of the week we had the whole campground to ourselves. We figured maybe people didn’t camp that much in the winter months. However by the end of the week we were sharing our own campsite with strangers! The best part was that we really didn’t have to go far to get some great photos. Here are some that we shot just within a sort distance of our tent!

philadelphia photographers joshua tree
Playing with our shadows on the jumbo rocks. Even our dog Apollo got in on the fun!
philadelphia photographer california pictures
This bird stopped by to visit while we were having our morning coffee.
west chester photographers travel pictures joshua tree
A Joshua Tree at sunset.
west chester photographer joshua tree camping
Our campsite at night - in the beginning of the week.
philadelphia photographers joshua tree pictures
The full moon seems to illuminate this monolithic rock.
west chester photographer california travel photos
A juniper tree against the starry sky.
philadelphia photographers california travel pictures
Watching the stars in the night sky.